Our Dear Alice

Eight years ago, a little piglet nestled amongst her siblings, up against the warm, soft skin of Momma Hyssop. Three days in, and that piglet was suddenly injured, receiving a dislocated hip whilst in the fray of her litter.

Most piglets with such a severe injury at such a young age die - while a vet may have been available, the chances of survival were so low that no one was called. This little piglet and her mother, however, had other things on their minds.

Nicknamed "Shianegans," after one of her caretakers, and eventually named Alice, the piglet was fiercely protected by Momma Hyssop and her very large brother. Her hip popped back into place over time, and she was allowed to roam free, eating the entire apple harvest from the backyard and sunbathing in the garden.

Fast forward to 2023, and Alice is a grown momma three times over, with a strong bond to her last piglet, Abigail, her younger sister Bluebelle and her girlfriend Augusta (Gus). Her last birthing was hard on her, and she is officially retired. She spends her days digging thistle roots in the oak pasture and her nights snuggled up with her girls. A pig can live to be fourteen, so she may have a solid six more years of relaxation and roots ahead of her, perhaps with some aunty-ing thrown in when her sisters and cousins give birth.

The thing is, a retired pig requires all the love and care any other pig receives - grain and veggies morning and night, fresh water and warm bedding, new pasture, belly rubs and medical care. We love Alice, and we want her to live her best life. Her grain, however, costs $50 monthly, and her general care costs $64 monthly. $114 may not sound like a lot, but it adds up. So here's the deal:

We've set up a retirement fund for Alice the Amazing. Right now, we a have a ceramic kitty bank full of pennies and nickels, and we'll continue filling that. If, however, you've got a little spare change and want to help ensure this awesome little ungulate has the coolest retirement ever...click here!! All donations go straight to Alice, and we will give you a shoutout on our social media. If enough people donate, we plan on creating an acknowledgement listing online and throwing Alice a celebration.

And as always, Alice loves a good ear scratch. Come to the farm and give her some love!

Alice (right) with her beloved daughter Abigail in their pasture, Autumn 2023.

Alice (left), Autumn 2023, with Bluebelle (center) and Gus (right).