Into The Forest...

Bittersweet is home to a delightful, off-grid cabin just a short walk into the woods. Built by an incredibly diverse team of neighbors, high schoolers, college professors, their students and our friends and family, it stands as a testament to our open-door policy.

The cabin is 12 by 26 feet, with two stories, a loft and a porch. It houses a wood cookstove, beds and reading material, a hammock and fire pit. The outhouse is adorned with a traditional Swedish heart and is just a short ways from the main building .

And the cabin is YOURS. It is available for you to stay in from May to October. Need to get away from the city? Planning a weekend with friends? Looking to study black and white warblers? We've got you covered. Let us know when you would like to come and for how long. We will make sure the linens are fresh and the water tank full. Farm food will of course be available for you to purchase, and we can answer all your questions on-site.

The cabin has always been, and will always be, a safe space for those in need. We do not like to charge for its use. It is, however, listed for rent on Hipcamp, and donations are always welcome.

The Cabin