Here at Bittersweet, we are madly in love with the beauty of the world and the ecosystems we share, and we are painfully aware of the war being waged against Earth. We live with daily anxiety and anger about climate change, species extinction, poisoned water and eroding soils.

Our work establishes ecological sanctuary - we are creating habitats for threatened species, restoring populations and pushing a spillover effect onto the farms around us.

Our Practices Include:

Building soil through no-till practices, animal-crop rotation, heavy mulching and composting.

Planting native flowers, shrubs and trees amongst crops and along hedgerows to increase diversity and resilience.

Encouraging pollinators through the creation and installation of appropriate habitats and houses.

Encouraging trophic health through the installation of bird houses, bat houses and snake habitat.

Reducing water usage and waste with thick mulch and rainwater collection systems.

Timing our practices to ensure we do not negatively impact the overall health of specific species, such as haying late to protect field birds.

Sequestering carbon by increasing plant life and soil health through the aforementioned regenerative techniques.

Educating others on how to encourage, connect with, rejoice with and rejuvenate the ecosystems where they live.​

Listening to the Land

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