We offer all of our produce and products for sale at our on-farm market stand, located at 1249 State Highway 184, Heuvelton, NY 13654. The farm stand is open 9am-6pm daily.

You can drop in, call ahead or pre-order specific items. We can arrange deliveries in Canton or Ogdensburg, or you can come right to the farm!

Certain crops and products are seasonal and unavailable at times.

When we're able, we attend local farmers' markets and other events as vendors. Check out our Facebook page for updates!

Cash, check and Venmo are currently the best ways to pay. We are working to expand our payment systems to increase food accessibility. Please contact us if you are having financial difficulties. We will work something out.

How to Buy Our Products

We have limited items available to buy online. For everything else, please check out our inventory list. It's a Google Doc we regularly update to reflect our present product inventory. We are also expanding our barter and trade systems, looking to function outside of the monetary mindset. We are happy to discuss exchange of goods and services.

The Farm Stand

You'll notice we ask customers to pay utilizing a sliding scale. A note on that:

Our commitment to food justice and accessibility involves the development of a sliding price scale, meaning you have the opportunity to choose, within a small range, the prices you're comfortable paying.

This is a new practice for us, and one that requires your active participation. It allows more economic freedom for the consumer and the possibility of greater income for the farmer. We seek to provide and explore ways in which communities can support each other outside the strict bounds of capitalism, without shame over personal income.

We encourage you to recognize the choices we have and the ways in which we can collaborate as a food-based community, ensuring access to nourishment for all.