We raise and learn from heritage breeds, developing relationships as they adapt to the land.

Our goal is to fully integrate the garden and animal life, understanding that each organism contributes to the greater whole.

Our herd of beef cattle is ever-growing. We raise Scotch Highlands and Highland-Devon-Angus crosses. These shaggy darlings handle the winter weather well and are friendly and kind.

Our sounder includes piglets, gilts, sows and boars. They are all Tamworth or Tamworth-Large Black crosses. Both wonderful mothers and foragers, they are well-adapted to life on pasture or in the forests.

Our flock is always a blend of birds, be they Wyandottes, Delawares, Australorps or others. They help keep the asparagus patch healthy, the parasite load down and provide us meat, eggs and joyful color.

The sheep flock is a riot of brown and white splotches across the landscape. Our St Croix live their lives entirely on pasture, coming in to their shelter only to lamb. If you're here in February, you'll be lucky enough to actually meet them.

Love With Four Legs and Feathers